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KWS Blank Canvas Music was founded in 2019 by two Mainers making a transatlantic crossing to establish a company for enthusiastic songwriters/artists/bands in the early stages of their career, as well as seasoned veterans looking for a home that provides publishing flexibility for their catalogs.

As a proactive independent publisher and record label, our team is dedicated to pairing today’s technologies with years of experience in publishing and recording with the aim of providing bespoke services and opportunities to our roster.

Our publishing agreements are tailored to each individual writer, and we endeavour to maximize their potential income in creative ways including sync, adverts, and gaming.  We administer copyrights efficiently and collect royalties and license fees worldwide for our clients, and provide transparent, accurate, and regular accounting. 

On the label side, our creative team works closely with artists/bands going from demo to final mix and mastering stage, and maximises the commercial potential of their work through our distribution partner, Absolute, increasing revenue streams, while boosting their music to the next level. 


As a music publisher and record label new to the UK, we look forward to working with our songwriters/artists and composers on both sides of the pond to help them on their journey.

Meet the team

Meet the Team

Valued Partners & Consultants

Valued Partners & Consultants

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