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Guillem Mitchel



Guillem’s background as a singer-songwriter and musician with degrees in composition, music performance, and songwriting make him a perfect fit for our growing company.


He has trained with internationally acclaimed musicians, Néstor Eidler and Miguel Angel Cherubito, and has taught for more than a decade. Garnering degrees in Barcelona, Spain, where he graduated in jazz and contemporary music composition (2005) and later in music performance (2013), he's also worked as a composer/arranger and music tutor as well as leading his own project.


Besides his music path, Guillem contributed to investigation of the Corporal Circuits; (giCC) from 2004 to 2019, a method which uses conscious movement to help the trainee gain body awareness and improve their skills which led to writing, De la voz a la canción (From the voice to the song) which was published in 2014 by geiFC. In 2015, Guillem won the prestigious SGAE (Association of Authors and Composers) annual integral scholarship leading to a Masters in Songwriting at Bath Spa University, and decided to live permanently in the UK, where he's been writing and performing his own music as well as collaborating with several artists and projects.

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