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"Boldness is in his strings,

Insolence is under his skins,

Glamour is on their lips,

Rock turns into flaming glitters with Glossy Clouds!"

- Glossy Clouds

Glossy Clouds is a project rooted in friendship. When Jérôme Bralet and Hugo Merle first met – introduced by their respective girlfriends – the pair immediately hit it off, talking for hours about music, art, photography, and life. Deciding to put these ideas down on record, they’ve constructed something unique – Glossy Clouds is virtually a world unto itself, a creative universe whose gentle humour and anything-goes lawlessness is utterly riveting. 


Based in Lyon, they grew up obsessed by Arctic Monkeys and Queens Of The Stone Age, contrasting the world-building dynamics of Pink Floyd’s prog masterpieces with a thirst for vintage soul and funk. “We are a melting pot of all those things,” says Jérôme. “We sound a little like Arctic Monkeys and Queens Of The Stone Age but we have this soul and gospel side to us. We really love to make groovy rock!”Right from their first gig, Glossy Clouds aimed to stand out. Joined by the choristers –three female guest vocalists – they have a self-consciously big sound, at times recallingThe Flaming Lips or even Arcade Fire in their yearning for huge spaces, and transcendent performances. “We want to create a sexy glam atmosphere!” Hugo exclaims.


Matching custom-made costumes to wild stage moves and nigh-on unlimited supplies of energy, Glossy Clouds’ live shows are topped off by the beaming vocals of the choristers – “they’re like our logo!”It’s not just music, though. Hugo is a photographer, and all their stage costumes are home made. Glossy Clouds want to align songwriting and visuals to craft a complete artistic statement. Each song is equipped with a video, that the group take sole charge of completing it. “We take time to choose the right place, the right light, the right weather,”says Hugo. “We do it by ourselves! We think about it and discuss it a lot; ideas come from everywhere and we share them and mix it up.”Glossy Clouds has grown from two people to become a collective.


Snapped up by UK based KWS Blank Canvas Music – “They fell in love with us and we fell in love with them… we feel so lucky!” – their next step is to begin focussing on their debut album.Their one ambition is to build the unexpected, to crafting something that surprises even themselves.


Glossy Clouds's debut album "Mess & Mania" is out now on all platforms.


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